Brenda’s looking forward to interviewing her councillor and Hayley’s joyfully happy.

Radio Times: The morning after.

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  • It’s International Dawn Chorus day today, and George is hosting a special walk at dawn at Lower Loxley, with Brenda in attendance making a feature for Radio Borsetshire. It’s atmospheric and lovely, and right at the end of the walk they hear a nightingale – unusual in Borsetshire and a real treat. The Bird Fair at Lower Loxley goes well. Nigel is smitten by the falcons and hawks.
  • Roy’s got a cracking hangover after his stag night and Brenda brings round his trousers, found hanging on the pub sign. She tells Roy about the exciting interview she’s doing on the radio next week, with a local Councillor on the planning committee.
  • Roy leaves Brenda with Hayley, and he and Phoebe go to spend the last night before the wedding at Willow Farm. It’s an emotional parting. Hayley’s in tears, but as she says to Brenda, she’s never been happier in her life.

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