The hen night goes with a giggle and has Brenda uncovered some dosgy dealings in Borchester Land …

Radio Times: Brian plays it cool.

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  • Kirsty says Helen was in a better mood today. Hayley’s surprised to hear that Helen hoped the hen night would go well.
  • Brian entreats Greg to come with him as moral support to the Bull – Jennifer’s insisted on a drink with Scott and Lilian. Scott prowls around the Bull sussing it out before decided that the noisy Bull Upstairs is the place to be. Lilian drags uncomfortable Brian and Greg up there. She regales Greg with Scott’s modelling experience as a “gamekeeper” on a photo shoot. Greg’s unimpressed, and doesn’t feel he needs the offer of grooming tips from Scott.
  • There’s much hilarity among the hens about Roy’s supposed transvestism. Brenda notices Scott. Ruth joshes Hayley that he’s the strippergram. The younger women try to persuade Ruth to go on to a club, but she’s got the morning milking to do.
  • Brenda corners Brian in the bar and asks him about Andrew Eagleton, a board director of Borchester Land, who owns a Jaguar dealership in London. Stephen Chalkman, a member of the district council planning committee, has been seen lunching with him – and recently obtained a new Jag from Eagleton’s dealership. Brian smoothly warns Brenda off. She won’t help herself chasing stories of non-existent corruption.

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