Roy’s dug himself out, Helen is unamused at the upcoming wedding.

Radio Times: Roy makes a clean breast of it.

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  • Amused Betty tells Neil how Roy got out of Hayley’s suspicious that he was a secret transvestite; he claimed he was trying out a new laundry service at work and keeping it secret to see if she noticed. Miserable Neil has plenty of time on his hands, and is doing the shopping and housework as a result. Mike’s the same. Jennifer takes Phoebe shoe shopping for South Africa.
  • Kenton’s wife Mel is now a week overdue with her baby. Jill’s worried about her. David and Ruth move the electric fence while Phil does the milking and then they go for a Hassett Hills meeting with Debbie. They worry about not being able to give work to the Neils of this world and bemoan the current situation but Ruth says they just have to carry on in hope for the future.
  • Subdued Helen arrives home early from the shop claiming a headache caused by Kirsty’s prattling about the hen night. Pat tries to help tired Tony put up a new polytunnel but it’s too much for the two of them. Eventually they get the polytunnel up with Helen’s help. Tony, after much reluctance, agrees they should start planning for a box scheme. Helen doesn’t join in Pat’s jubilation. She’s upset about the wedding. Everyone seems to have forgotten John, once Roy’s best mate and Hayley’s boyfriend. Pat and Tony console her. Tony’s sure that John would want the wedding to be a success.

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