Hopeful noises from the council about the school and Hayley’s curious about her wardrobe’s contents

Radio Times: Practice makes perfect.

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  • Pat tells Brenda about the Save our School meeting. The councillors seemed sympathetic, although Pat wishes Mike hadn’t tried to link the school’s future with the proposed housing development. She’s keen for more coverage on air. Brenda’s enthusiastic, while hinting that there are other big local stories.
  • Pat helps Kathy paint her kitchen. Kathy’s fed up with the chaos in he new home. Joe says that he’d waited in all day but the sofa still wasn’t delivered. He’s obviously consumed nearly all of Kathy’s tea and biscuits, and he can’t help but lecture the women on the correct use of a paint roller. Ed has been spending a lot of time working at Grange Farm, or with Eddie, rather than doing his revising.
  • Roy and Hayley’s wedding rehearsal goes well, and the bridesmaids were delightful. Back at the flat, Hayley tells worried Roy that strange things have been happening with her clothes – they keep disappearing and appearing again. Roy tries to play it down, but when Hayley looks in the wardrobe still more things have disappeared. It’s like an article she once read where a woman found that her boyfriend had been wearing her clo…. Does Roy have something he needs to tell her?

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