Roy’s packing for the honeymoon and Lillian’s love-life is the gossip de jour for the village

Radio Times: Brenda is in Hayley’s drawers.

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  • Tony works the soil down ready for planting carrots. Pat leaves for an important meeting with the council about Loxley Barratt School. Brian says he’s too busy with the IACS form to help Debbie drench the lambs. Brian’s not looking forward to the holiday in South Africa … especially not the time they will be spending with Kate. Debbie’s intrigued to hear about Scott. Lilian has told disapproving Jennifer that they had put a “misunderstanding” behind them now. Jennifer tries to drag Brian off to buy holiday clothes, but Debbie saves him by roping him in to help with the drenching after all.
  • Roy and Brenda go through Hayley’s wardrobe selecting clothes for the surprise honeymoon. Brenda corrects some of Roy’s less suitable choices, but he insists on packing some exotic underwear which he has bought specially. In panic, they have to hide all the garments when they think Hayley has returned, but it’s only Jennifer after some advice about clothes for South Africa for Phoebe. Brenda leaves on the trail of an exciting, but secret, story. Roy prepares to leave for work, but Jennifer suggests he take the black lacy thing out of his pocket first….

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