Siobhán is working on her protests and Lillian’s boyfriend turns up!

Radio Times: Lillian has a gentleman caller.

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  • Siobhán is busy putting “Keep Ambridge a Village” posters up. She finds Greg mending a fence which has been damaged by fly tippers. But despite his belief that the extension of the village envelope – and the resultant housing development – will be bad for Ambridge, he won’t sign the petition because Borchester Land are his employers.
  • They give directions to a well groomed stranger looking for Home Farm, but he finds the walk too muddy. Siobhán eventually gives him a lift.
  • Jennifer borrows a cake turntable from Jennifer. She’s pleased that Caroline has found a hairdresser for Hayley. Lilian is there, smoking away as usual. Although the residue of Nelson’s estate amounted to very little, she still maintains he had an undeclared fortune somewhere. Lilian offers to go clothes shopping with Jennifer for her South African trip, and starts to lecture Jennifer on her “matronly” appearance.
  • The stranger arrives – it is Scott, obviously an old flame. To Brian’s amusement, he and Lillian have eyes only for each other, ignoring everyone else, before they dash back with unseemly haste to Grey Gables. Jennifer is outraged. Scott must be twenty years younger than Lillian.