A joyful home-coming for Will and Clarrie has high hopes for Christmas.

Radio Times: Clarrie gets a surprise house guest.

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  • It’s a day for surprises. Clarries’s is a call from Will to say that he has the afternoon off and wants to visit George at Keeper’s Cottage. Nic is next to get a surprise call – to arrange to meet for a drink later.
  • Clarrie is now on a mission to lay on a special meal for the special occasion.
  • It’s Brian’s birthday and he is feeling old; Adam and Ian decided that pipe and slippers was an appropriate present for a 65-year old but Brian does not get the joke. Kate has rung but not Debbie, however, Jennifer plans to ring her later. After his birthday lunch Jennifer announces that she has changed her mind about going to Hungary; Brian is a bit miffed that the invitation doesn’t extend to him and is initially not very encouraging.
  • George enjoys seeing his dad; Clarrie points out that their new sofa-bed makes it possible for William to come for Christmas and he delights her by saying that he would like to. But will George be here? Clarrie is confident she can fix that.
  • Over a drink with Nic, Will explains that the visit went well – and it’s all down to Nic’s advice and encouragement. He tells her about Christmas too and about the issue of where George will be; Nic is confident that Clarrie will triumph over Emma any day.
  • Meanwhile, Clarrie is recruiting Susan to help persuade Emma about Christmas. In return she has to talk Eddie out of trying to muscle in on Susan’s Swap Club stall to sell stuff. Clarrie rather dampens her enthusiasm by pointing out that, if Sabrina Thwaite has already bought new decorations, she has no need to swap last year’s – so coveted by Susan.

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