Lynda dismisses all Robert’s objections about the panto; nothing new there!

Radio Times: Lynda gives Robert a thankless task.

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  • As they wait for Jack to return, Peggy and Lilian bask in a glow of satisfaction about persuading Jennifer to go to Hungary – though she would cancel at the drop of a hat if she thought Peggy could not cope. Peggy admits to being more fragile than she thought but feels more rested thanks to the help and support of her family.
  • Lynda and Robert are not as one about casting for the panto, indeed Robert is annoyed about his decisions being over-turned. But Lynda is Lynda; he is not going to win. He will stick to stage management, though probably not without interference.
  • Tony has dropped in at The Lodge to lend a hand and Tom has come along too, though he must first phone Hannah, his potential pig-girl. Peggy is worried about tidying up the garden and Tony assures her that he will do it, perhaps with help from Tom.
  • David’s lateness at rehearsal gives Kenton the chance to lobby for his choice of slapstick routines – one in which David is the fall-guy; David may have something to say about that! Robert winces at the idea of coming up with a giant mixing bowl and a talking harp, to say nothing of reading in David’s part when he should be concentrating on stage-management.
  • Tom readily agrees to help with the garden on Sunday and hopes to rope in Brenda and Helen too. He likes the sound of Hannah and has invited her for an interview next week.

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