High winds mean a disturbed night for Peggy, Jack, and Tony.

Radio Times: Tony pulls his weight at The Lodge.

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  • Hayley’s helping Elizabeth with making all the cakes for Christmas. The kids are involved too. Christmas chatter covers Christine going to son Peter’s in London, and Shula being dragged to Scotland to visit father-in-law Jim. Hayley, Roy, and the children are going to be visiting her folks; Aston Villa are at home to Arsenal.
  • The relatives have been turning out at The Lodge to do the gardening backlog. Lilian didn’t stay long, despite the posh new gloves. Tony and Tom get stuck in. And Tom chats to Gran about Hannah’s pig-job interview tomorrow.
  • The wind gets up, and later that night a loud crash wakes Jack and Peggy. Jack’s keen to investigate but Peggy wants him to calm down. Fortunately, she knows it came from outside and Jack can’t get out of the locked house by himself. Unfortunately, he’s not giving up. In desperation, she calls Tony, waking him and Pat, who says to calm Jack; he’ll be there in five minutes.

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