Hannah’s the new pig-man. Brian gets Peggy to rest.

Radio Times: Tom finally strikes gold.

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  • Peggy and Tony are inspecting the damage. The old oak’s branch has flattened the greenhouse. Tony will get Mike and his chainsaw to help clear it up. Jack’s in the dark at the moment; Peggy didn’t open the curtains this morning and Ian’s now giving him breakfast to The Great Escape in the sitting room.
  • Hannah seems quick of wit and not afraid of hard work. Tom runs through all the downsides to the job allowing her rule out haggling over pay; what other idiot will he get to work all through the winter? She’ll start a week Monday.
  • Mike’s inspection of the oak reveals it’s rotten to the core and all needs to come down. Peggy’s considering a summerhouse to sit on the little-used greenhouse’s base but seems a bit teary with Tony.
  • Hannah meets Adam and Brian and, wanting to understand, questions their dropping the late lambing. Adam’s impressed, like Jazzer apparently although not perhaps for the same reasons, and, once Hannah’s gone with Brian to meet Jenny, wonder’s aloud about her. Tom warns Adam off; she’s a pig-man, not deer.
  • Brian drops in on Peggy, finding her exhausted. He gets her to have a reluctant lie down; he’ll keep an eye on Jack. Just for half an hour, she insists.

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