A nostalgia trip for Nigel.

Radio Times: A nostalgia trip for Nigel.

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  • Shula’s worried about her upcoming teaching exams – especially after failing a part of the last exam, Alistair’s confident for her, but she puts the concern to one side as it’s the night of Nigel’s fortieth birthday party.
  • After dropping Daniel off at Brookfield (to Hayley the wonder-nanny/sitter) Shula helps Jill get ready, when David calls on them the black-tie/smart-casual goof comes to light, but in the end it doesn’t matter as the party itself is populated by all sorts in all modes of dress …. and Nigel is loving being the centre of attention (in his new natty designer waistcoat).
  • As the string quartet plays in one room the disco booms out in another and much bopping occurs. Much bouncing too on the bouncy castle and, just like the good old days, Tim Beauchamp larking around in a gorilla suit.
  • While they’re both sitting out and watching Julia bounce away on the castle, Siobhán admits to Lizzie that she’s sharing the same reason for not exerting herself – although she’s a month or so behind and it’s still top secret ….
  • Nigel’s past continues to return, Lizzie’s hired the “famous” Mr Snowy ice cream van! He doles out ices to all that want them but when a Siobhán declines one and he, playfully, drops one down her back, da heavy mob pile in and, with Alistair, David, Tim and others all grabbing a limb, Nigel ends his birthday being heaved into the lake!