Tommy toughs it out.

Radio Times: Tommy toughs it out.

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  • Tommy’s preparing for tomorrow’s farmers’ market, Pat’s looking forward to it to, but she’s also concerned about the possible charges he faces – not that it worries him. His Gran’s worried to, although she’s working to heal the family rift, too – but he’s not ready to apologise just yet.
  • Pat visits Tim for a checkup and while she’s generally doing well, he suggests she stays on the medication for a few more months. She’s pleased with the way she’s reacted to the current crisis – like a real mother, again.
  • Kate’s fully behind Tommy, although she considers his mob amateurs and seems to think she knows who they are. Roy, though, is less convinced and suggests to Tommy that if the whole mob confessed it might lessen his own burden.
  • Lizzie visits Honeysuckle Cottage to see Siobhán, who isn’t there, but Tim is (in amongst the Jason-inspired chaos). After last night he seems sorry not to have been around in the “good old days”, but is happy that their master plan of kids, a job and an idyllic cottage in the country is coming together!