Lynda gives the wrong impression

Radio Times: Lynda gives the wrong impression

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  • The farmers’ market is in full swing and Eddie’s selling Clarrie’s fruit pies and his cider vinegar and, when the police aren’t around, cider vinegar without the vinegar ….
  • Mike’s there, too, handing out fliers for the Pick Your Own, including special offers and promises of bouncy castles. Neil’s most unamused because he, as partner, hadn’t been involved in the decision-making process and he’s unhappy with some of Mike’s decisions, but they settle amicably enough later on.
  • Lynda and Jill are discussing the Ambridge (First) Millennium fête and while longbow archery is in, gypsy fortune-telling is out. Jill’s leg is terribly itchy but the cast is due for removal next week and physio looms. They’re interrupted by Lynda’s mobile and someone responding to her massage business card …. they’ve found it in the phone box and are calling with regard to what other services Lynda might offer …. she is absolutely (and amusingly) shocked!
  • William, it seems, was to blame for the massage card ending up in the phone box and both his parents are amused by the tale … until Eddie opens a letter from the dealers who are billing him £2800 for the hire and damage to the forage harvester. He plans to ignore the letter.