Brian airs his views.

Radio Times: Brian airs his views.

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  • Phil and Ruth are sorting out a load of sheep to send to market when Phil mentions an article he’s seen about making their usage of grassland more effective and, coincidentally, a little more like the Good Old Days. Ruth’s intrigued by the article but is willing to look at a demo farm to see whether there’s more to it than just nostalgia.
  • Brian’s being interviewed on Radio Borsetshire and, from starting to talk about his rôle as in coutryside conservation and his farm walk, the reporter quickly heads for the recent crop raid and the family connections, suggesting that the concern is more widespread and deeper than many would try to make out.
  • Jill’s had her cast removed, but she’s on crutches for a while yet – it’ll be the better part of a month before she can bend her leg.
  • Tommy, whose stall at yesterday’s farmers’ market has provoked several orders already, is brought down to earth with a bump by a visit from his uncle. Brian’s pleased to hear that Tommy didn’t think much of the reporters tactics of trying to highlight a family division and that it certainly wasn’t the family relationship that brought the attack about. He does point out to Tommy, who seems happy to bear the criminal charges, that the biotech company running the trial are likely to sue and while Tommy might not be rich, he does have assets that will be at risk – like his pig business. This is obviously something that hadn’t occured to Tommy.