Jennifer hits the roof.

Radio Times: Jennifer hits the roof.

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  • Ruth and Usha (and Pip) are causing a little havoc in Brookfield’s kitchen with an impromptu salsa session – making good use of the large space they’ve got! Usha’s recovered from her walk and is planning to fly out to Cologne for the big demonstration at the end of the whole march. David intterupts with some unfortunate news – Ruth forgot to close up the hens last night and there were four casulaties (including one of Jill’s favourites).
  • Clarrie’s putting in a little over-time at the dairy and she and Pat have a bit of a natter afterwards – Pat’s really seeming back on form.
  • Tommy, obviously shaken by his chat with Brian, phones Usha to talk about the possible repercussions of him being sued – Usha, though, advises him to put that to one side for the moment and to not think beyond the week after next, when he’s due to return to the police station for news on whether he’ll be charged.
  • Jennifer is still taking things personally and an article in another local paper yesterday hasn’t helped. Headlines about a family at war are plastered all over the front page and she tries to get Pat to offer some sort of an apology, but Pat doesn’t take kindly to Tommy being called a thug, nor the implication that he’s leading Kate on. Jennifer leaves under a cloud, saying that neither Pat nor Tony would be welcome at Home Farm unless they came clutching an olive branch.