George is impressed.

Radio Times: George is impressed.

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  • Peggy’s round at Lower Loxley to thank them for the part, she and Jack really enjoyed it and it’s given her to great ideas for Jack’s eightieth next month. Julia, amusingly, thought that she was thanking her specifically and that another bouncy castle would be a great idea.
  • Julia’s also got so very strange ideas about Elizabeth and her health – notably that she shouldn’t be using their computer because of the radioactivity it gives off. Lizzie’s not too worried, she’d rather be fussed over than what had gone on before. And Julia instinctively knows it’s a boy. Lizzie and Nigel don’t mind which it is so long as it’s healthy (Lizzie’s still concerned because of “last time”)
  • George and Greg are getting on much better these days, even to the extend of winding Jack up a little over the incubator for next season’s chicks. George is impressed with Greg’s abilities and Greg, honestly, it sounded, told Jack that he respects the keeper that George is. He suggests to Jack that he nominate George for the Country Landowners Association’s long service medal.
  • Peggy’s very worried about the way the rift is developing between her children, although Jack thinks that it will all blow over soon enough.