William understands.

Radio Times: William understands.

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  • Eddie’s on the scrounge for work (despite being adamant that he’s not paying the forage harvester bill). Tony can’t help, he’s got all the help he needs (even if Tommy’s spending most of his time on his mobile). He’s been in contact with some of Kate’s activist friends for advice and support, as well as trying to talk some of his raider cohorts out of fessing up.
  • Peggy left a message for Tony asking if he could spare a little time to drop some manure round for her roses. He won’t hurry, he knows his place in the hierarchy – the last time they spoke she accused him of being an unfit parent, but it seems he’s fit to shovel .
  • William’s got the end of his exams in sight and he’s being general non-committal about his performance. His dad, while still appreciating the sacrifice of selling Posh Spice, can’t make the next repayment, but William understands: the farm must come first.
  • Lynda’s had her business cards reprinted – there’s no mention of massage anymore – and if she catches the person who put one in the phone box she’ll put the in the stocks at the millennium fête (guarded by Eddie!)
  • Jill’s a bit more mobile and is visiting the, er, bombsite/creche that is Brookfield’s kitchen under Ruth/Hayley’s regime. Hayley, though, is more concerned that she’s stuck in between Ruth (who’s not told Jill about the Hen-Fox incident yet) and Jill (who wants to visit her hens for the first time in few weeks). She manages to convince Jill (in a most unconvincing way) that it’s slippy and that’ll she’ll take the kids to feed the hens ….