A testing day for Shula and Elizabeth.

Radio Times: A testing day for Shula and Elizabeth.

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  • Mike’s plans for the Pick-Your-Own strawberries are coming on leaps and bounds, although Neil’s a little put out that he hasn’t been consulted as much as he’d have liked. The latest wheeze is a kiddies corner with a few fluffy animals to keep the kids amused (and away from the straberries!) Neil admits that it’s a good, cheap idea.
  • Shula’s taking her teaching test today and, after failing a previous part, through over-confidence she’s taking no chances, but she sails through this time.
  • Jill still hasn’t been told about her hens and now an electric fence has appeared to block her path down to the orchard! She’s a little confused by the stories she’s told!
  • It’s the day of Lizzie’s first scan and she’s nervous (and bloated thanks to the amount of water she’s been told to drink!) Nigel’s on tenterhooks and everything’s lookging normal. The midwife spots something as the ultrasound picture slowly builds up. A worrying moment for all concerned until she points out that there’s more than one head on the screen. Twins!