Ruth has to confess.

Radio Times: Ruth has to confess.

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  • The news of the twins has spread, but Helen cynically observes that that’s twice the screaming and the work. She’s decided to cancel her placement in Zimbabwe and to spend the rest of her year at the Baxter’s farm, which also means she can spend more time at home. Pat’s pleased with this news.
  • The grandmothers-to-be are over the moon, Jill especially appreciating what twins mean. At least this solve’s one problem – Julia had been calling it “him”, now she will have to call it the asexual “they”!
  • Ruth’s taking Jill to physio, which is coming along. When Jill mentions the hens Ruth finally comes clean and admits that, through her own fault, four of them (including a favourite of Jill’s) were lost to a fox and the remainder are still not back to laying properly. Jill’s reacts in distinctly Jill-like way -stoically pragmatic – and undestands the electric fence now!
  • Helen, who doesn’t seem to support Tommy at all and is vehemently advocating a course of apologies, was upbraided in the shop by Jennifer and hands that ear-bending on to her brother and it’s water of a duck’s back, quite frankly. When Pat tells them that the Underwoods’ food hall manager mentioned that he’d heard their name on the radio a bit recently, Helen really lays into her brother. The fact that he faces bancruptcy and the loss of his pigs is his own fault and she doesn’t want him taking the rest of the farm with him.