Peggy the Peacemaker?

Radio Times: Peggy the Peacemaker?

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  • Jack asks George whether he would mind him nominating him for the Country Landowners’ Association long service medal, an embarrassed George doesn’t feel he can (or would really want to) refuse!
  • Under the pretences of discussing the catering for Jack’s forthcoming 80th birthday party and delivering manure for her roses, Peggy lures Jennifer and Tony to try and broker a truce. It fails. Neither is willing to look for nor find common ground over blame and apologies and even spending time in the same room.
  • Tommy had stood Hayley and Roy up last night, so as to meet with Kate’s eco-activist friends. Hayley suspects that it was a little ego-stroking, but Tommy feels that their advice to plead not guilty would enable the issues surrounding opposition to GMOs to find a public forum. Hayley wonders if this plea could make things worse for him if found guilty, but he thinks it’s worth the price.