Lynda wants Viking Longships on the Am, Phil worries about the countryside not being the place it was and Debbie’s lamb co-op idea gains momentum

Radio Times: Lynda gets Danish inspiration.

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  • Lots of topical mentions (albeit predictable ones); Janet’s back from Cologne bursting with ideas, including issues around Kosovan refugees, Eddie and David would rather be resting up and watching the World Cup Final (rather than playing against Loxley Barrett) and Shula and Lynda had both watched yesterday’s Royal Wedding.
  • Lynda’s had an idea of staging a raft race on the Am for the Millennium Fête, maybe designed as Viking longships! Jill’s not sure, but it could be an interesting possibility.
  • Debbie reports to Phil and David about the results of the speculative study into their lamb coöperative. Pre-packaging everything, marketing well and targetting top-end outlets like restaurants seem to be the key.
  • Eddie’s a little down, he can see the writing on the wall for the small farmer and the likes of Brian (and Debbie) are the only ones he thinks will survive. Independently, Phil is concerned that unless the marketplace responds to the call, the countryside as we know it will become a lonely place in the future ….