Tommy willingly faces up to the prospect of prison as the polarisation of his family and friends continues.

Radio Times: Tommy’s attitude hardens.

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  • Apparently Eddie played a blinder in the cricket yesterday, but Tony scored a duck, which rather gave the lie to the theory that worry caused a drop in ability as Clarrie suspects that Eddie has plenty to worry about. Clarrie’s also worried about William, she caught a glance at his Building Society passbook and there’s not as much in there as she thinks there should be.
  • Helen’s off for a day in college on “Dairy Hygiene”, Clarrie wonders if Eddie shouldn’t try to pick up a skill – farming talent isn’t in much demand at the job centre.
  • Peggy relays the news to his parents that Tommy met with some activist friends of Kate’s, having first questioned Tony’s parenting abilities again. While they’re a little disappointed with him not telling them, they are generally supportive of his motives although Peggy still cannot condone the destruction of the crops.
  • Helen’s happy helping in the dairy and is pleased that Clarrie reports that Pat tells of her pride in her daughter. She’s been awarded some sort of prize at college but before she gets a chance to tell her mother, Helen says something related to Tommy that Pat takes exception to and lays into her for not standing behind her brother, Helen storms out.
  • Tommy’s decided to stick it out, despite Hayley’s suggestion that John would have called him a plonker, and while generally disappointed with his immediate family lack of apparent support, he’s willing to face prison for the greater good.