Brookfield looks set to return to grass and William’s not amused at his mother’s financial concerns.

Radio Times: Ruth and David do some R and D.

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  • William’s studying hard, the end of his exams is in sight, and Clarrie tries to dig as to whether he’s got any other problems, but no joy. Eddie thinks there’s nothing to worry about (of course, he knows why there’s less money in the account).
  • Jill’s not convinced about the raft race at the fête, but David (and William, we hear) is keen to compete and it would be a good spectacle.
  • Ruth, David and Phil visit an open day at a farm which has reverted to the grassland idea of cattle grazing – rotating the herd through different paddocks for shorter periods so not hitting any particular patch irrevecoverably hard – back to the old methods. They’re generally impressed.
  • Clarrie confronts William who is angry at the intrusion into his privacy, Eddie’s “I told you so” follows shortly after denying that the low balance is because he’s not been making the repayments …..
  • Jill’s looked after Josh all day and loved it. As Ruth and David go out to do some farm chores the grandparents settle down for an evening with the kids and Jill mentions how the years are falling off Phil with the time he’s spending with the little ones.