George gets nominated for his long service medal and Tommy’s getting mixed support from his immediate family.

Radio Times: George is recognised.

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  • Helen’s again trying to tell Pat why she’s planning on heading back to college for the weekend, but Tommy wanders past and, when he mentions that not only is he off to meet some “friends” in Felpersham but he’s also planning to plead not guilty, Pat is unhappy and Helen weighs in too.
  • Peggy’s trying to polish the details of Jack’s 80th birthday party (including re-establishing contact with Hazel) but he seems more interested in the plans for the bells. When Helen calls around for a heart-to-heart with her gran Jack goes off to find George, leaving behind a distinctly down Helen to pour out her heart. She feels her mum isn’t interested in her and doesn’t feel like spending time at home any more.
  • Jack interrupts the Greg and George Mutual Appreciation Society, with George praising Greg’s work with the chicks and Greg saying that if he becomes half the keeper George is …. George’s nomination for the long service medal has been approved – and he’s chuffed to bits.
  • Helen pops home for lunch and she and Tommy have a civilised chat for a while. She recognises how serious he’s taking his situation, but she asks him to question whether his current methods are the most effective. After all, they’re organic farmers, that’s a big statement in itself. She’s doing a good job of buttering him up over his good track record with the pigs, but just as she might be making progress, Pat comes in and, in having another try at Tommy to make him think about the effects on the farm, Helen gets stuck in the middle and leaves – again without telling her mum her news.