A poor school report threatens Alice’s horsey lifestyle. She must do better or the pony gets it!

Radio Times: Alice isn’t riding high.

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  • Brian and Adam are inspecting the deer and Adam is enjoying the Ambridge countryside; it is not claustrophobic, as he had feared after the expanse of Africa. The deer are looking well grown so they decide to slaughter the first two next week.
  • Bert is late for work – a case of the morning after the night before. He thinks it must be nettle poisoning. Ha!
  • Adam catches Jennifer studying the web site recommended by his gran. He explains that he has been dealing with the situation for years and he doesn’t need supporting; he has had to put up with a lot worse. Jennifer assures him that if needed, he can lean on her; she is proud of him.
  • It being Founder’s Day, Alice has the afternoon off and has taken herself off to the Stables. She meets Bert and David and points out that their trailer has no lights.
  • Jennifer is beginning to worry about Alice; she left the Stables an hour ago. She and Brian find her school report which is not as good as expected. Brian’s diagnosis is too much time spent with the horses. So when she returns he suggests that they put Tolley into livery and sell Chandler. Oh no, daddy! Brian encounters opposition from all three, so for the time being at least there will be no drastic measures. She will try harder and, as Jennifer points out, he cannot blame it all on the horses.
  • David has failed to fix the lights, which could be bad news for Britney for it is her carriage to the Royal. Tony has called for some help and Ruth was sorry for him because she thought he sounded exhausted; they could spare Bert for a few hours.

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