Fallon prepares for a great weekend but learns that Kirsty is also going to Glastonbury.

Radio Times: Fallon’s hair-raising scheme.

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  • In preparation for Glastonbury, Fallon is planning a special hair-do; Helen thinks it will be wasted for someone slaving over a hot griddle all weekend but Fallon has ideas about promoting her music as well as Tom’s sausages.
  • Tom is panicking. His mother has not yet turned up to help with the sausages. On the phone Fallon makes it clear that she cannot come. She has spent the day shopping for essentials, now she has to pack but she urges Tom to calm down. However, Pat turning up soothes his nerves and sausage packing can begin.
  • Now I distinctly remember Eddie offering Bert free beer for a week but now he is being careful to avoid Bert; he is not pleased to hear that Bert had tried to open up a tab in his name.
  • Fallon is delivered to Bridge Farm complete with lots of luggage and that hair-do, which is a surprise for Tom and earns the adjective ‘interesting’. After a bit of banter about wife-carrying, for which Tom has been volunteered, Helen lets it slip that Kirsty is also going to Glastonbury.
  • In the van, Fallon cannot believe that Kirsty did not say she was going (I can. There’s no love lost there!) Fallon muses on the chances of a trader’s pass this year being changed for a performer’s pass next year. She thinks this weekend is going to be the best.

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