Fallon and Ed cannot be at Glastonbury without sampling the music. Tom can.

Radio Times: Cool atmosphere at Glastonbury.

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  • At Brookfield preparations are well in hand for the Royal: the livestock box is cleaned and the lights repaired. An early night would be good.
  • At Glastonbury the team is not quite so together: Tom is really getting into the swing of things (not the music – giving out sausage samples), Fallon has had enough of cooking them and Ed has absconded because he has had enough of the whole business.
  • Jill is worried about the integrity of the wife-carrying competition now that Jolene has accepted an entry from Tom and Fallon. Also, they have not yet got a commentator. Realising that Ruth and David are a bit pushed, she offers to stay and cook tea; what would they do without her.
  • Ed has still not returned and Fallon is not prepared to wait any longer; she is keen to give her demo tape to talent scouts. That leaves Tom to hold the fort alone.
  • Finally Pip is asleep; she is so excited. Fortunately they have found the badge she has made – “I’m a farmer, talk to me”. David is sleepy too, although Ruth is keen to give him some home comforts before he roughs it at the Royal.
  • Fallon has found Ed and they are having a great time, with Fallon getting a good view from Ed’s shoulders. She thinks it is now time to return to Tom, although Ed still has other plans. Tom is furious, having run things all on his own for so long but Fallon promises that she and Ed will be on duty tomorrow so that Tom can get out and enjoy the festival. However, Tom is not there for the music, just the sausages. Why does he take everything so seriously; he should chill out. She should grow up!

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