Kirsty to the rescue, helping Tom with his sausage stall when all around let him down.

Radio Times: A blast from the past at Glastonbury.

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  • Tom’s morning is starting badly: Fallon pleads that she is not well (not surprising after last night) and is not getting up yet even though it is already late.
  • At Home Farm, Alice is getting ready to go to a jumping event with her mother.
  • Tom’s morning is getting worse: Ed throws up and makes a dive for the toilet – he may be gone some time. Which leaves Tom all alone, except that he has a customer for breakfast – Kirsty. When he burns his hand, she willingly takes over and soon gets into the swing of things; in fact she is quite enjoying it. Fallon and Ed both reappear but this is not how Fallon thought it would be, so she quickly follows Ed’s example and makes off to enjoy the Festival. No matter, Kirsty and Tom can manage between them; she can hardly go off and abandon him now.
  • Alice and Spearmint do well in the second round, another clear round, and take the second prize. Brian arrives in time to see it and video it, so Adam and Debbie can share it in due course. On his way he has seen Mike, who reports that Adam has made a century and that the girls are lusting after him in his whites!
  • Tom’s day has turned out well in the end and it is time for him and Kirsty to take a breather; he is really grateful for her help and offers an apology for the way he treated her before. He is not surprised that she dumped him, he should have been more considerate. Apology accepted. A text message tells him that Fallon and Ed have a lift home but Tom is in no hurry; Kirsty’s tent is a long way away but there is plenty of space in his!

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