A result for William: he is allowed to take Emma out.

Radio Times: Helen presses ahead.

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  • Things aren’t so good for Clarrie. Ed is still not sleeping because of the nightmares and William’s a bit fed up about Emma. Neil still hasn’t said she can go out with him. And he hasn’t agreed to somewhere warm to pluck and hang the turkeys but Ed hasn’t quite told Clarrie that.
  • The Bridge Farm cheese is coming along well but it’s still not ready for market. Helen is rushing ahead. Pat hopes she isn’t going too fast. They need to get it right. Tony thinks it’s a great idea for Greg to come to Christmas lunch but Pat doesn’t sound quite so sure.
  • William’s pretty busy at the moment but Eddie gives him the benefit of his advice over courting Emma. Eddie’s handled enough awkward parents in his time and they always come round in the end. Turns out he’s right – as long as they don’t go any further than Borchester.

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