Brian admires a predatory bird; her name is Siobhán!

Radio Times: Siobhán is on the hunt.

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  • William gets the chance to ask Neil if he can take Emma out but he’s not sure. He’ll have to think about it. Susan thinks its a good idea – its time Emma got out more.
  • Brian’s having his half day birthday present hawking at Lower Loxley. When Siobhán turns up to join the course it’s clear that it’s not just the hawks going hunting. They can a have a few drinks afterwards to talk about Brian’s trip.
  • Jill is taking Ruth Christmas shopping but it’s going to be difficult to keep Pip’s new piano a secret until Christmas day. Greg has been out buying Helen’s Christmas present. He hopes the new earrings will do – he’s been looking at the saucy underwear too. Helen is sure Pat will love to have Greg for Christmas dinner.

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