Neil puts his foot down; his shed is not to be used for plucking or hanging Eddie’s turkeys.

Radio Times: Neil and turkeys do not mix.

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  • Jennifer and Jill chat during the church service as usual about Brian’s trip to Hungary. He’s certainly looking forward to it. She’s a bit disappointed that she can’t go and neither can Oliver but Brian seems happy enough to go on his own. He’s not going to take his thermal underwear even if it does mean he’s is going unprotected… He’s even going to drive himself to the airport.
  • Neil is still a bit doubtful that Eddie will be able to pluck all 70 turkeys with just Clarrie and the boys. He’s certainly not going to let them mess up his workshop with feathers as well. William was hoping to get a chance to ask Neil if he could take Emma out, but Eddie messes up any chance of that.
  • Emma’s getting better slowly and its been nice having her at home. But she still needs her crutches and she is going to be missing doing a lot with her friends over Christmas.

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