Suddenly, Brian is keen not to be accompanied on his trip to Hungary.

Radio Times: Unfinished business for Brian.

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  • Peggy and Jack have called on Christine with a present. It is a carved slate house name plate but the name (“The Old Police House”) is not really what Christine would have chosen. George is out talking to David about being his deputy as flood warden. When he comes back he will no doubt be hunting for Christmas lights because, as residents fronting the village green, they are expected to illuminate their house.
  • When they meet by chance, Brian apologises for leaving Siobhán to the mercy of Lynda yesterday. They agree that the afternoon had the feel of unfinished business. Siobhán confides that she will be going to Brussels while Brian is in Hungary, so that will be nice. She also discovers when he will be doing his falconry course – next Monday.
  • Peggy and Jack have moved on to call on Jennifer, who tells them that Christine really wanted to call the house “Appledore”; now what are they to do? Jennifer has not yet been able to talk to Roy about Christmas; it is her turn to have Phoebe on Christmas Day. Brian returns, full of the joys of spring and, even though it is a little early, persuades Jack to enjoy a wee dram of malt whisky: it wasn’t difficult.
  • Christine is in full cry, moaning to Siobhán about all the little things that have gone wrong, when she realises how trivial are her problems: Siobhán lost a baby. They have put that behind them now and she feels more positive: the beginning of something is always exciting.
  • Jennifer still doesn’t know about Christmas: Roy is not sure what he is doing and of course Hayley’s parents are now part of the equation too. She reminds Brian that he needs to ring Oliver to tell him that there are no places available on the Hungarian trip. What a shame: Brian seemed so keen to have a friend there. Never mind, darling, perhaps you will make some new friends.

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