A royal visitor charms Ambridge.

Radio Times: There is great excitement at Grey Gables as the Duchess of Cornwall visits, and Lynda seeks her moment in the limelight.

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  • Grey Gables’ great day brings its share of stress. Just as HRH is due to arrive, Caroline spots a stain on Lynda’s jacket and rushes her off to clean up. Poor Lynda misses her moment of glory; her opportunity to bond with royalty over the amazing co-incidence of their both having grandchildren with October birthdays is well and truly missed.
  • Ian’s shortbread passes muster, and elicits royal congratulations – in person. Ian is quite overwhelmed, but the Duchess’s easy manner soon charms him.
  • Outside, Susan and Clarrie are also overwhelmed. HRH actually stops to speak to them.
  • Away from events in Ambridge, Kenton and Jolene enjoy their lunch and a walk by the canal. Kenton is worried to hear that Jolene is still thinking of selling The Bull, but readily accepts her invitation to a gig next week.
  • On their way home, Kenton and Jolene pass Lynda, whose bike has lost its chain. They commiserate, but needlessly. The royal car has just driven past, and Lynda was the lucky recipient of a royal wave and smile. It’s fortunate that she failed to realise she had oil on her face.

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