There is excitement at Grey Gables, anger at Brookfield and hysterics in the shop.

Radio Times: Ruth puts her foot down and Susan comes to the rescue.

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  • At Grey Gables, the final touches are being given to the room where their royal visitor will take tea. Caroline’s main worry is keeping Lynda from gatecrashing the event.
  • Susan is almost as excited as Lynda. She has bough flags for herself, Pat, Clarrie and Vicky, and is closing the Post office for the occasion. Helen is less enthusiastic, but amused by Jazzer and Harry’s night out. She is so glad to be past all that. Henry is all she wants.
  • David is worried about Elizabeth and how she will cope with Pip’s party. But he has some good news; Ewan will buy the prize bull from Lower Loxley. Gushing Ruth tells him how clever he is, but her mood rapidly changes when she learns David is going to drive the bull up to Scotland next day, Furiously, Ruth berates him for daring to miss Pip’s birthday morning. He still has the barn to clear ready for Pip’s car. There is lambing to cope with. How dare he just take off for Scotland? Wearily, David phones Ewan and agrees to deliver the bull next week. Meanwhile he needs to calm Ruth down and avoid an atmosphere.
  • Susan is interrupted by a frantic Helen. Henry has a rash, Susan calms her down, and they realise it is only a milk rash. Helen has got herself into a state because Pat is away. Sensible Susan tells a very relieved and contrite Helen to call her any time. It will be useful practice for Emma’s new baby.

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