Harry fails to enjoy Valentine’s Day. Elizabeth finds Valentine’s Day difficult. David manages a Valentine’s Day surprise.

Radio Times: David discovers his romantic side and it looks like love is in the air for Harry.

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  • Ruth and David enjoy a romantic interlude exchanging Valentine’s cards. David needs to sort out papers at Lower Loxley for Graham Ryder, but promises to be back by early afternoon. He suggests going out for a drink, but Ruth is just too busy.
  • Hayley chats to Elizabeth, and tells her that she and Roy have not reached a decision about Phoebe’s trip to South Africa. They feel that Kate has boxed them into a corner.
  • Realising that Valentine’s Day must be hard for Elizabeth, as Nigel was always one for a big romantic gesture, David offers to go with her to put flowers on Nigel’s grave, but Elizabeth wants to go alone. Elizabeth seems grateful for all that David is doing.
  • Jazzer and Harry are looking forward to their double date, though Harry is somewhat taken aback by Jazzer’s attitude towards girls. Harry thought they would take the girls for a meal. Jazzer just wants to get them back to the flat. When they meet the girls, Harry is not happy. His partner, Tasha, is not the girl who was pointed out to him. Zoe asks him to dance, resulting in Jazzer leaving him to both girls; Jazzer will go in pursuit of a girl in Glebelands. Poor Harry is left to make lame excuses.
  • David, as usual, is very late back, but his usual angry reception has been replaced by a romantic one, thanks to the red roses he sent Ruth. David says he will do the lambing shift tonight; Ruth will join him there.

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