Elizabeth finds it hard to settle. Caroline finds it hard to restrain Lynda. Kenton finds it hard to arrange a shopping trip.

Radio Times: Lynda tries out her powers of persuasion and Freddie opens up to Kenton.

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  • Kenton is taking the twins to the Science Museum, but finds Elizabeth very edgy and anxious. He tells her she must rest. Later Jill calls round, and tells Elizabeth how she coped with the anniversary of Phil’s death. Elizabeth admits she finds it hard if she has time on her hands; she starts thinking.
  • Ian insists that Caroline should taste samples of everything they will be serving up to their royal visitor. Lynda is determined to muscle in on the occasion, and keeps finding bright ideas for ‘helping’ Caroline, all of which are intended to throw Lynda into the Duchess’s path, and all of which are firmly rejected.
  • Kenton jollies the twins along, though Freddie is anxious to get back to his mother. Kenton asks how he feels about the entrance interviews, and manages to say exactly the right thing to boost Freddie’s confidence. He tells Freddie about Nigel’s racing mice, and manages to raise a laugh.
  • Determined not to be thwarted in her attempts to mingle with royalty, Lynda undertakes some research, and discovers an amazing coincidence; both she and the Duchess have grandchildren with October birthdays. Ian finds it hard to share her excitement.
  • Kenton has arranged to go shopping with Elizabeth for Pip’s birthday present, but has difficulty in fixing on a day. The reason becomes clear when he calls at The Bull to see how Jolene is getting on with her Valentine’s Day preparations. Thanks to Kenton’s encouragement, Jolene has a full restaurant and all seems set to go well. Kenton suggests lunch to compare their respective successes. Jolene seems delighted, and they fix on Wednesday.

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