A tale of Two Santas

Radio Times: An embarrassment of Santas.

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  • The Grundys are preparing their stall at Borchester Christmas Farmer’s Market, lots of holly, mistletoe and Clarrie’s cakes and, unbeknowst to Clarrie (who’s being kept away from the back of the van) apple brandy. Joe’s just got to get into his Santa Suit ….
  • Meanwhile Lynda’s looking for Eddie and collars Joe, or rather collars Jack who’s collecting for charity as (another) Santa. She would rather search on her own than listen to Jack’s ideas for panto improvements!
  • Hayley’s trooping around with some of her charges who aren’t impressed with Joe’s performance as Santa and threatens to visit the market inspector to complain! Tommy, as a thank you, gives her a packet of sausages – it’ll make a pair to go with the packet she’d already bought from Howard Friend’s supermarket!
  • In the obvious plot twist, Clarrie is supplying hot, sweet tea and cakes to a shocked, flustered Jack who’s just had his collar felt on suspicion of selling illegal hooch! He hasn’t a clue what was going on.
  • Lynda finally catches up with Eddie (who’d been helping Joe out of his suit – the rumours had helped their sales) and chastises him for charging Robert for guitar lessons, before Clarrie storms up on the warpath about the stories of a Santa selling apple brandy ….