Phoebe’s well again, Kate still has the wanderlust.

Radio Times: The lights go on, but not for Kate.

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  • Jennifer’s in the shop and she and Betty are talking about Lizzie being in Felperham and their comiserations with Jill’s worries lead them on to their own grand-daughter and they are not in complete agreement about Phoebe, while they’re both glad she’s on the mend, Betty’s not keen to forget why she’s ill in the first place. Roy comes in toward the end of this and, when Jennifer’s a bit off with him, asks him mum to be a little more tactful.
  • Hayley’s with Kate, who while glad her daughter is healthier, is still wishing that she was on the road again. She’s got friends in the village, but her mind is elsewhere.
  • Sid’s trying to drum up support for his New Year’s bash, but Roy’s working himself that evening. Tommy’s wondering whether Neil will sign a contract with him for supplying weaners – which touches a bit of a nerve with Hayley, who’s obviously still a little delicate on this issue.
  • Sid’s turning on the Bull (and the Green’s) lights and Phoebe, in the company of both grand-parents, loves it … her father and Hayley too, enjoy the sight of her face. Kate, though, is less convinced ….