Lizzie’s moved to a better hospital and Joe and Eddie’s brandy is ready to be let loose on an unsuspecting public.

Radio Times: Elizabeth goes further.

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  • Joe and Eddie are in town for the market, although things still aren’t good enough for them to be buying, a few more payments for contract work makes things look brighter. David’s around too and they are trying to convince him of the wisdom of chatting in the pub …
  • Lizzie, still in hospital, has been seen by the consultant and while her heart has shown no further problems, they are going to move her to Felpersham, a bigger and better hospital. It’s a little further to travel, but Nigel doesn’t mind.
  • Brookfield lamb marketing proposals are going apace, and David’s found a reasonable local suppliers of breeding pig stock. David’s also been helping the kids decorate – Jill might take a little time to get used to some of the brighter festive decorations!
  • Clarrie’s finished Joe’s santa suit for the farmer’s market on Thursday – and there’s plenty of hiding space for their bottles of apple brandy! When Lynda calls he clanks away in a very suspicious manner, but she doesn’t twig. Eddie presumes she wants him to take on the Alan a’Dale part, but no such desperation, she just wants him to teach Robert a few guitar chords for the lute playing.
  • Lizzie’s heart is still causing concern, but it’s under control. She will, though, have to stay in Felpersham for the birth – which she is not pleased about.