Kate and Phoebe are back, safe and sound, although Lizzie’s not on such top form.

Radio Times: A busy day for Tim.

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  • Tim’s out at Lower Loxley for a mainly social visit – but Lizzie seems fine, albeit bored. She and Nigel discuss their rare breeds project – including employing as a stockman the tenant farmer who’s retiring and whose farm they are selling to finance the venture. They’re looking at Easter for the venture to start – time to get the planning done, and to get used to life as a family.
  • Brian and Jennifer meet a very worried and, now, relieved Kate at the airport and take her and a pale infant back to Ambridge, where a nervous father and a fore-warned doctor are waiting. In the end, it was probably only a case of mild gastroenteritis, but it’s better to be safe than sorry and everyone’s glad that Phoebe is back in this country and well on the road to recovery.
  • Kate’s beating herself up a little over the whole sitation, while Roy’s being very reasonable. He’s glad they’re back – she’s feeling guilty about putting her child at risk.
  • Lizzie’s working (albeit with her brain, not body), but she has a very worrying turn and almost passes out. An agitated Nigel calls Tim, who returns for the second time that day and, with the aid of a portable ECG, diagnoses a ventrivular tachycardia and wants an ambulance to come and take her into hospital for the duration. It’s purely precautionary, but he wants her under observation for the remainder of her pregnancy.