The panto is a mess – and Kate’s in trouble.

Radio Times: Will Jack strip naked.

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  • Lynda’s trying to re-write the panto so that Alan a’Dale the minstrel doesn’t have to sing. She’s got her work cut out …
  • Brian’s still not keen on going to Pat and Tony’s Silver Wedding meal next Sunday, although Jennifer’s keen to build bridges and Brian’s not unamused at the prospect of Tony paying for a slap-up meal at Grey Gables!
  • The panto rehearsals are as chaotic as normal. Jack’s trying to rehearse his strip-tease, Jill is at her wits end getting all the costumes ready before she takes a grand-maternal leave of absence (Lizzie’s being induced next week) and is most unamused to see Alice appear in a wonderful costume – hired for her by her mother as a bribe for turning up to the tree planting last week. Meanwhile Robert, in his previous role as props-master is having more problems than just as a character whose part is being constantly re-written!
  • Jennifer’s prayers are answered as Kate finally rings but it’s terrible news – Phoebe’s ill with diorrhea like symptoms and she’s scared of the consequences. Another little boy in the group is finally recovering from a similar illness, but they had trouble in a local hospital which didn’t readily speak English. Brian takes control and, having taken a contact number, immediately suggests that he book a couple of plane tickets and that they should return home immediately.