A drop in the ocean at Grange Farm and dark clouds over Roy.

Radio Times: Things are looking up at Grange Farm.

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  • Clarrie’s fixing up a Santa suit for Joe and, a glimmer of good news, a cheque arrives for some contract work Eddie did a few months ago. Clarrie sends him straight to the bank (and he’s told to return via the shop to collect the apple brandy Joe left there and they’re not allowed to sell). Later, Eddie’s planning to retrieve the TV from Bridge Farm as he’s sure the bailiff’s won’t visit over Christmas.
  • Some stand ins are better than others – Robert’s not enjoying life as Alan a’Dale, but Betty much prefers the offer of help in the shop from Peggy rather than Jack!
  • Roy is still down in the dumps, he’s not heard from Kate and he’s worried that he’ll never see Phoebe again. He meets Hayley for a drink and nothing she can say lifts the gloom.