The panto cast is taking shape – although Robert’s not so sure he likes it!

Radio Times: Lynda will not take no for an answer.

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  • Lynda’s trying (and failing) to edit the script to remove the part of Alan A’Dale completely – Roy’s not been convinced into the wisdom of taking the role. Meanwhile Robert wants to use his computer to work and is tunelessly humming around doing admin while he waits.
  • Ruth and David are looking into the site for their pig expansion, but he’s still not sure of the wisdom of expansion. Although the lamb expansion seems to be paying off, they’re going to meet Debbie and Simon to taste some of their competitors’ fare at Mont Blanc, a top Felpersham restaurant, this evening. That is, only after David can leave a panto rehearsal early.
  • Apparently Janet’s been contacted by a BBC producer – Radio 4 want the Ambridge bells to be part of the Millennium broadcasts!
  • Roy turns Lynda down flat, quite apart from not feeling up to it, he’s due to be working at Grey Gables on the opening night.
  • David’s excuse is derided (and eventually accepted) although Lynda is a little less sympathetic to his possible Christmas arrangements – fancy wanting to spend Christmas with Ruth’s parents when there are performances on Christmas Eve and the 27th! The cheek.
  • The cast is getting a little fed up with not rehearsing with Alan A’Dale, so Lynda makes a snap casting … Robert! And, obviously, he’s positively thrilled with the prospective of playing a minstrel!