Mike’s 50th could have been better and Tommy’s regulars are a little peeved.

Radio Times: Happy birthday, Mike?

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  • It’s Mike’s 50th birthday but he’s not particularly in a mood to celebrate – not being able to take a family photo with his grand-daughter has really punctured his mood. A birthday card from Brian and Jennifer (who brought up “that basket case&qout;) didn’t help!
  • Betty had taken the morning off and, with Kate away, had staffing problems and Jack has filled the breach. Only he’s not entirely sure how to open the till so there’s a long list of creditors on a notepad which isn’t particularly accurate.
  • Jack has a meeting with the Landmark Trust and Louis (obviously now Ambridge’s tame architect) to discuss Awkright Hall – a decision is expected in a couple of weeks.
  • Tommy and Neil are taking a batch of pigs to the abattoir and Tommy has to tell some of his regulars that, thanks to the Howard Friend order, he’s going to have to spread himself a little more thinly than he’d like. This is not generally appreciated.
  • Panto rehearsals have shifted from being fun and new, to sessions where Lynda badgers everyone. Still no Alan A’Dale and Tony, Neil and Mike aren’t so much the Merrie Men as the band of Moody Men! On instructions to go and get merry, they retire to the Bull with the birthday boy with the intention of doing just that!