Lizzie’s leaky valve causes a few worries.

Radio Times: Doctor’s orders for Elizabeth.

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  • 5am at Lower Loxley and Lizzie’s awake and reading through the rare breeds information – although the recently awakened Nigel isn’t sure that that strictly constitutes rest. Tim’s due around later for her checkup. Later they discuss the rare breeds – they plan to go with mainly midlands breeds as the central theme for the attraction. But Nigel wants to return the information to Phil so that she can’t carry on working on the project!
  • The Brookfield partners decide that expanding the pigs is the answer (as well as Phil persuading Jill to keep her bees). David’s still not convinced, but the others are keen – with deals to supply a local distribution firm already in the wings.
  • Nigel’s at Brookfield returning the brochure when Jill tells him to hotfoot it back to Lizzie – Tim’s there and he wants her to go and see the cardiologist immediately. Nigel’s frantic and, whether fit to drive, leaves pronto.
  • Lizzie’s been feeling a little breathless and had a few palpitations and the cardiologist is a little concerned that, contrary to instructions, she hadn’t called him earlier herself. The leaky valve is causing some concern and total bed-rest from here on in is the answer. Nigel wants her to leave everything to him, she gets a little teary and is obviously worried, but he convinces her that they’re almost there, she’s just got to hold on a little longer.