Tony extends the Olive branch, but Brian isn’t keen to grasp it.

Radio Times: An invitation is rejected.

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  • Joe would like Clarrie to knock him up a Santa suit to give him a competitive edge when flogging their apple brandy at next week’s special Christmas Farmers’ Market in Borchester. Clarrie hasn’t the time, but agrees to nip and tuck one if he can get hold of one himself. In the mean time he tries a few house-to-house sales, although Phil suggests that trying to sell unlicensed liquor to an ex-magistrate isn’t the wisest move! (Besides, Eddie tried yesterday.) Later, having been testing his own product a little too much, Joe tries again … before remembering that he’d already been there!
  • The panto looks set to be a big affair, although George’s dog costume is a little odd. Not least because Lynda would like him to play a cornet solo in it … no decent hole in the head and the large paws may be a problem!
  • Chris asks Jennifer if she couldn’t investigate the ancestors of an old group photo of the whole village taken in 1900 – and maybe start the arrangements to have another one made in 2000. Jennifer tries to claim that her worries about Kate would intrude, but she relents. She is the local history expert, after all.
  • Tony rings Jennifer to invite them to the Silver Wedding do, and Jennifer’s cheerful that things might be on the turn – although Brian’s not impressed and would rather refuse the offer of breaking bread with Tommy.