Kate’s gone and the buck is being passed.

Radio Times: A surprise for Brian and Jennifer.

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  • The fallout. Kate didn’t tell her parents that she was leaving, she just left a note which took 24 hours to be discovered and saying that Roy knew the score. Needless to say blame is flying around, but Roy wants to claim none of it. Mike, churning inside, advocates the calm, softly-softly, wait until she writes approach which, emotions flying high, is generally accepted.
  • Peggy’s been asking about the arrangements for Pat and Tony’s Silver Wedding and they’ve decided to ask Jack if Grey Gables can squeeze them in for an intimate, immediate family only, dinner. Tony would rather, on the whole, not invite Brian and Jennifer.
  • Jennifer’s a little apologetic for going at Roy – it wasn’t his fault, after all – and Mike and Betty seem to be the only ones who voice any worried about Phoebe, jabs and being somewhere very foreign. Roy tries to have a quiet, contemplative drink in the Bull. He tells Pat and Tony, in there for supper, about the situation. On reflection, Tony thinks that this might be the perfect time to offer up an Olive branch to his sister.