Kate is off to Morocco and Roy just cannot convince her of her selfishness.

Radio Times: Kate has some shocking news for Roy.

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  • Kate’s offered to stock Eddie’s apple brandy in the shop – a decision that angers Susan and if Kate’s getting would up with her life as a shop assistant then the shop is getting fed up with her, too. Lynda, with a topical reference, wanders into the shop collecting for Children in Need.
  • Kate’s on the phone arranging to be collected at 5-30, we’re left presuming she means the following morning.
  • Roy calls to return Phoebe to her mother and he asks what her news is. She prevaricates, talking about her issues with the life in the small place of Ambridge and talking around everything other than the obvious bombshell that we now to be approaching. He starts by thinking she’s met someone (but Spike is just the driver). She’s off to Morocco to find herself. He’s dumbstruck. He points out that he’s stopped her from going abroad before and it would be the work of a phonecall to Usha to do it again. She reminds him of the hate that surrounded them after that episode and that can’t be good for her daughter. He’s devasted that Phoebe will miss Mike’s 50th birthday this week and possibly Christmas and New Year too. She defends herself that she’s trying to come to terms with her responsibilities but he’s not buying it. He suggests that she leave Phoebe with him and her four grandparents, but she has to go and where she goes Phoebe goes – unable to see that Roy might feel the same way. She’s going and that’s it and no-one will be able to stop her. She’ll return but she can’t say when. Roy is absolutely distraught, while Kate is resolute.
    Comment: To me, this was an astonishing scene. 10 minutes, 2 voices and complete credibility. Roy’s distress, Kate’s selfishness awash with need to leave and both of them needing their daughter to them close to them at this time of the year. A great episode.