Tree-planting, a change of heart for Kate? and the light at the end of the tunnel is switched off for Eddie.

Radio Times: Phil offers some rare advise.

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  • It’s another day for tree-planting in Aldridge/Ambridge Millennium wood and Jennifer wants a good family turnout. Although still Kate’s not particular full of the milk of human kindness, nor is Brian too keen – although yesterday’s shoot went very well, so he is in a good mood.
  • Phil’s over to visit Lizzie, who’s still interested in rare breeds and their plans for the future of Lower Loxley. Although she’s fit enough now, Phil wonders if the twins won’t be more work than she’s prepared for.
  • Roy’s looking after a very muddy Phoebe at the tree-planting, but they’re having a whale of a time. Marjorie is only to pleased to be able to use a camera to record the moment. There’s a great turnout to plant saplings and, when Marjorie mentions to Kate that some of the saplings came from cuttings they made on the bypass protest Kate is very pleased – a complete rejuvenation compared to earlier. Roy’s looking after Phoebe again tomorrow and Kate would like a word with him about something then ….
  • Lizzie, still laid up immobile with lots of remotes and a pile of magazines, has a delicate matter to confront with Eddie. She’s a little concerned about Poppy’s latest work, he comes out with some great arty efforts about her evolution as an artist, but is forced to admit that it was a forgery. For the sake of the gallery’s fledging credibility Lizzie has to stop his cheque, which he’s accepts without complaint.