Sid and Jolene’s secret meeting stays secret (for now) and the cast is cast, although not to all their satisfactions.

Radio Times: Who was with Sid last night.

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  • Sid was out exercising at the gym until late, but Kathy doesn’t really mind, even if it means she’s a little busier in the pub. Although it transpires that Jolene was there too and that particular cat almost got out of the bag – not to mention Joe catching Sid looking at Jolene in a manner that might have had him locked up in days gone by!
  • Tony and Pat are planning a small gathering for their Silver Wedding, but he’s not confident that his sister and brother-in-law will turn up.
  • Jolene’s in charge of the Panto music, which she manages to let Marjorie find out from Lynda rather than from her.
  • The panto rehearsals are in full swing, albeit with plenty of waiting about and general chaos. Even Mike and George are looking forward to it – that is until Mike finds out he’s Friar Tuck and George is Towser the dog! Tony’s not to pleased to learn that Howard Friend’s organic supermarket is sponsoring the show in return for adverts in the script!